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My name is Jean- Claude, a french fisherman who use to go for pike fishing around Cootehill for more than ten years.

Cootehill in County Cavan is one of Ireland's premier angling centres. Every year it becomes home base for hundreds of satisfied anglers with  more than 26 lakes around it.

Now, I would like to introduce Peter LYNCH  a clever man who is my "GHILLIE" during my all stay.He is always at my disposal all day long to try to catch some big pikes and to make sure that i am satisfied.

I remember last year it was at end of may,I caught a lot of pikes of more than 80 cms lenght during a week.

That is why, i take this opportunity to recommend the services of this "GHILLIE" who is beleive me a great professional.

JM Nayet

I have fished pike in Ireland for more than thirty years and fifteen of
these I chose Cootehill as a holiday place in order to discover the lakes
and the region.
To be sure, it was there that I got to know Peter Lynch with whom I
immediately and without hesitation, hit it off. He taught me many things,
and not only about fishing.
Apart from his great qualities as a guide, he knew the lakes to perfection;
above all the best places to fish and there I spent some unforgettable
moments with him.
The most wonderful fishing was done in his company, even when by nature I
really like to fish on the chance of the mood I'm in at the moment. With him
part of fishing was to discover magnificent lakes and countryside.
Even tempered, with a sense of true Irish humour, he did his work with a
passion; there was never a problem, he was always there for his "client". In
my case I prefer to write here his friend.
He had great respect for the places that he loved, their flora and fauna
(these things that are so abundant in Ireland) and it is this fact that I
appreciate  all the more! A story that makes me smile is when we were
fishing for a pike and he gently returned it to the water, but not without
kissing it first.
That's Peter!
To keep it brief, I stop writing because these lines can only partially
describe the man that he is, and, when the day's fishing ends in a warm pub
of his choosing where, despite my inadequate English, we chat over a pint of
Guinness, that complete happiness.

Emile, Serge, Sébastien, Cédric, Jean-Luc, Jacky

We are a group of friends from Belgium and we are all waiting with impatience to be back in Cootehill, every year!
Now we have discovered this area, we would no more even imagine going anywhere else for our fishing holidays.
We appreciate the diversity of the fishing places, with numerous big and small lakes as well as beautifull rivers, but also the fishing possibilities satisfying both white fish and pike lovers.
Two years ago, our fishing holidays in Cootehill entered even in a new dimension, when we met our fishing guide Peter.
Thanks to Peter, we discovered many new excellent places for pike fishing and through his precious advises, we could improve substancially our fishing ability.
We all know that fishing is not a perfect science and that one day is not the other! But we also know that Peter will do his maximum to make sure we end the day with wonderfull memories in our eyes and our minds!
Most important even is that with Peter, sharing fishing experience turns quickly into a real friendship.
This another reason for us to enjoy Cootehill so much.

Claude Guyon

Outre ses énormes qualités de coeur, Peter est un guide de pêche particulièrement compétent et efficace.
J'ai pêché avec lui quatre fois une semaine, dont deux dans des conditions difficiles, voire trés difficiles (inondations importantes
une semaine et surtout un vent très violent la saison passée).
Néanmoins Peter a réussi à s'adapter (au prix de conditions pénibles pour lui physiquement) à nous conduire dans des endroits plus abrités et à nous faire prendre de trés beaux brochets...ce qui n'a pas été le cas des confrères que nous ne manquions pas de retrouver le soir au pub.
A recommander sans réserve.
Pour en faire le meilleur usage, il le mérite vraiment.

Patrice Guerin

Peter is definitly the best guide to find the best places around Cootehill where are the pikes and to give you the best help you need ! He is certainly a very good fisherman with any pretension. At least ,after few days, he'll be one of your best friends and you'll be very happy to go to the pub with him at the end of the day!!!