Emile, Serge, Sébastien, Cédric, Jean-Luc, Jacky

We are a group of friends from Belgium and we are all waiting with impatience to be back in Cootehill, every year!
Now we have discovered this area, we would no more even imagine going anywhere else for our fishing holidays.
We appreciate the diversity of the fishing places, with numerous big and small lakes as well as beautifull rivers, but also the fishing possibilities satisfying both white fish and pike lovers.
Two years ago, our fishing holidays in Cootehill entered even in a new dimension, when we met our fishing guide Peter.
Thanks to Peter, we discovered many new excellent places for pike fishing and through his precious advises, we could improve substancially our fishing ability.
We all know that fishing is not a perfect science and that one day is not the other! But we also know that Peter will do his maximum to make sure we end the day with wonderfull memories in our eyes and our minds!
Most important even is that with Peter, sharing fishing experience turns quickly into a real friendship.
This another reason for us to enjoy Cootehill so much.